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Knit Technology is a representation company, dealing in knit textile machinery and equipment having strong technical service and experienced marketing team.



“Our vision is to enable knitting industry of Bangladesh compete other major players in the world steady. The industry already have cost efficient skill and unskilled human resource, hard working aptitude and grown dependable scale of production capacity ever expanding. The next pre-requisite is Technology. We took the opportunity to serve state of the art technology and know how.

We represent:

SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Japan, producing world best flat knitting machines for sweater. Their model SES / SIG 122 S/ SV  (for jacquard / intarsia sweater) and SFF152T (collar cuffs and other flat knit ribs) is widely used in Bangladesh Knitwear Industry. Shima Seiki the brand is widely known for their WHOLEGARMENT machine and Seamless Glove knitting machine also.

RUMI S.r.l of Italy, for their highly reputed socks knitting machine.

AGTEKS LTD. of Turkey, producing high tech twisting cum covering machine and yarn unraveling machines.

SHIBATA NEEDLE MFG., LTD. of Japan, producing high quality knitting needles for wide range of circular and flat knit machine.

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