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Knit Technology is a representation company, dealing in knit textile machinery and equipment having strong technical service and experienced marketing team.

AGTEKS is founded in 1992 as a top quality knitwear manufacturer for domestic and export markets in Istanbul. Most of the research and development staffs are very much familiar with the latest technology of knitting field with many years of experience. Many new knitting methods and techniques were released to the use of knitwear sector by this team during this business.

Combining this practical and theoretical knowledge, AGTEKS bounded to serve the knitting industry by unique innovations on the textile machinery field since 1995. After 2002, AGTEKS started to be concentrated only high technology products which make the life easy for knitters.

The Research and Development objective of highly qualified and experienced engineering staff makes AGTEKS one of the fastest developing companies in Turkey. As well as direct contacts with the market, close relations with the universities and with the well-known experts worldwide allow us to produce most advanced machines.

IntelliWinder and DirecTwist are the most important fruits of this synchronized R&D approach of the members of AGTEKS.

“Total quality” and “customer satisfaction in any case” are the strict mottos of our company, thus all of our customers are agreed about our highest quality products and after sales service.

With many number of international patents, multi-million Euros annual turnover, hundreds of happy customers in more than 30 countries, 40 highly motivated and enthusiastic staff and with many highly reputable agents worldwide, AGTEKS is proud of serving the knitting industry globally with their very useful developments and top quality products.

AGTEKS is a member of,

TRISAD Knitwear Industrialists Association of Turkey
TEMSAD Textile Machinery& Accessories Builders Association of Turkey
ITO Chamber of Commerce of Istanbul
ISO Chamber of Industry of Istanbul
OAIB Machinery & Accessories exporters Union of Turkey
CCIST Italian Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
TRISAD AS TRISAD Foreign Trade and Marketing Inc.
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