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Knit Technology is a representation company, dealing in knit textile machinery and equipment having strong technical service and experienced marketing team.

The Situation Is Sometimes More Serious Than Above!

Probably, IntelliWinder is the machine, which pays-back its investment in the shortest period, in the world.

The IntelliWinder’s pricing is very affordable due to its functionality, maintenance-free cost, and serious recycling ability of any kind of yarns.

IntelliWinder is a phenomenon for the new age unraveling machinery. It is an technological era for likewise machinery.

IntelliWinder will pay itself back not more than 6 months of period. Therefore, comparing the electronics and intelligent peripherals used to achieve the utmost results, and the ability to solve major, instant, and, fastest problems during the knitting manufacturing process will pay itself back in a very short time.

IntelliWinder also deludes the under conscious defect, rejected, spoiled knitting process problems of the producers. For the exporter knitting mills, reaching to their due dates of exporting knitted products will be determined for unwanted mistakes made during production.

No more different dye coloring, no more fear to complete the order, and, at most, having more finished garments to fulfill their export requirements are major results to be serviced.

Shortly, IntelliWinder will be the insurance of your production.

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