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DirecTwist – 2B

No. Of Twisting Units



200-240V, 1P or 3P, 50-60Hz, 2kW

Weight   233 kg nett (without Lycra device option)  Shipping Details

Air Supply

3 ~ bar

Twisting Speed

Up To 18000 Twist / Minute, Electronically adjustable.
Totally independent adjustment For Each Spindle.

Twist Range

Up to 2000 Twist / Meter, (up to ~51 Twist / Inch)
Programmable with 1 Twist / Meter increment.
Independent adjustment for each spindle.

Take Up Speed

Up to 200 Meters /minute

Yarn Count Range

 ~100 Nm to ~2 Nm total ( ~90 denier to ~4500 denier total)

Max. Yarn Plies To Be Twisted

8 plies

Individual Operation Of Each Unit

Totally independent operation for each spindle.

S And Z Twist Selection

Independent selection for each spindle.

Multi-End Twisting

Independent adjustment for each spindle.

Yarn Covering

Independent adjustment for each spindle.

Fancy Yarn Twisting

Independent adjustment for each spindle.

Jog Function

Independent adjustment for each spindle.

Waxing Device

Motor Driven, 13mm Square Hole wax

Yarn Feeding Device

Synchronized positive yarn feeding system.

Threading Method

By air jet

Bobbin Holders

4 fixed sets + 4 portable sets for each unit. Totally 16 sets

Take-Up Cone Softness Adjustment

Adjustable with cone pressure and/or with yarn feeding system

Yarn Break Sensors

Optical electronic, 8 guides on each unit, with adjustable timers

Yarn Brakes

Precision yarn brakes for every yarn feeding.
Possible to adjust individual feeding yarn tensions

Take-Up Cone Size Sensors

Reflective electronic, size of bobbin is adjustable (max. 20 cm diameter)

Take-up Cone Size

170 mm. 4.20°, standard cone or optional 170 mm cylindrical standard cone.

Supply Bobbin Size

Any size, max 250 mm diameter

Programmable Elastane
Twisting Device

Optional for each spindle.
Possible to feed 10% to 90% elastane on wide range of twisting amount.

Twist Stop Mechanism

Optional for each spindle. Required for fancy yarn twisting

Control Method

Microprocessor control

Program Input

Via 6 key user friendly operator terminal

Program Memory

10 user memory + default parameters

Automatic Stop

Yarn break, bobbin full, cover open, emergency, overload, etc.
Lots of additional protective functions.

Programmable Parameters

Twist/min, twist/meter, elastic yarn on/off, elastic yarn feeding %, s-z twist types, fancy yarn on/off, fancy yarn parameters, yarn break timer, language selection, copy functions, memory functions, etc.

**All the specifications above are subject to change without prior notice.
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