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ATHON model

Producing characteristics
  • Possibility to have socks with Single or Double welt.

  • Floating yarn or tuck stitch.

  • Socks with different transfer patterns. Y formation of the heel and toe.

  • Horizontal stripes up to 6 colors different from the ground colour.

  • Needle-needle selection for the production of electronic patterns with Yarnfingers programmable needle by needle, of which 6 for the pattern formation, for a maximum of 3 colours per course plus the ground colour.

  • Elastic feeder and Mesh adjustement made by step motors
Technical characteristics

Single cylinder machine, drumless, for the manufacturing of socks and tights with true heel in transfer stitch.

Integral electronic programming of both sock model and pattern by means of the keyboard on the machine or IBM Compatibile Pc.

Microprocessor control equipment with the capacity to store 50 styles or patterns, to display machine menus in 8 different languages, to signal possible errors and hardware self-diagnostic on the machine display.

Technical Specifications

Diameter: 3.1/4" - 3.1/2".
N. of needles: from 54 to 144
Maximum Speed: 180 RPM
Optional Devices:

IRO Feeding
BTSR Device

Download the model specifications in ACROBAT
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