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Guidelines for Smoother E-Mail Processing

Shima Seiki's E-Mail address for general inquiries and feedback is:

We appreciate any comments, suggestions and questions you may have regarding any aspect of our business. Your feedback is invaluable to us in making the necessary improvements to provide better products and services in the future.

Like any other company that publicizes its E-Mail address however, we at Shima Seiki receive an overwhelming amount of mail on a daily basis. We regret that it is sometimes impossible to respond to each and every message immediately, but we are continuously working on alleviating this situation. In this regard, we would appreciate it if you could please follow the guidelines below in order that we may respond to your message as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please follow the links below.

1 Software and Attachments Basic information regarding E-Mail software and attachments
2 Required Information Minimum required information for processing your message quickly
3 Local Representatives  A reminder to take advantage of our global network of agents
4 Language Languages supported by our mail server and Postmaster
5 Daily Correspondence Suggestions regarding daily correspondence with Shima staff
6 Viruses Not getting a response from us? Your message may be infected...
7 SPAM Junk mail, direct mailings and other solicitations

1. Software and Attachments

Although our software can open and read messages generated on most E-Mail software, we recommend Microsoft Outlook Express for full compatibility. Both Windows and Macintosh formats are supported. Both text and HTML messages are supported.

Regarding attached files, we request that you send the basic types of file formats normally used for file attachments, with the following file extensions: PDF, JPG, TIF, EPS, DOC, TXT, RTF, XLS, HTM and HTML. We prefer not to receive any EXE files because of their extensive use as virus carriers.

As for file size of attachments, we request that it be under 1MB. Please compress any files over 1MB using any of the common compression software available (Zip for Windows; Stuffit for Macintosh). If you wish to send any attachments over 1MB in size, please contact us first to let us know your intention, and we will advise you on how to go about sending that file. Please make sure you include file size information when contacting us.

Note: When attaching a document to your E-Mail message, please make sure you give a brief description of your intention regarding the contents of your message in the text box. Otherwise, if we receive any E-Mail message with only an attached file and no description, we will delete the entire message without opening the attachment, for suspicion of a virus. If the attached file itself contains your entire E-Mail message (e.g. a message that is saved as a word-processing program file and attached as is to an E-Mail), then please convey your message as text information in the text box; not as a file attachment.

2. Required Information

In order to process your request quickly, we require certain specific information. On every E-Mail message, please provide the following basic information about yourself:

- Name
- Company
- Position
- Address
- Country
- Telephone number
- Fax number
- Return E-Mail address
- Preferred method of response (E-Mail, telephone, fax, etc.)

Especially important is your country. Since our international sales staff works on a country-by-country basis, that information is required to determine which staff member should contact you directly. This requirement is especially important for those of you whose return E-mail address does not reflect the country of origin (e.g.,,

3. Local Representatives

Since we do have a network of subsidiaries, agents and representatives around the globe--usually centered around knit industrial markets--chances are there is one available in your area. Since most E-Mail message are forwarded to our local agents anyway, it may be more efficient for you to send your message directly to them. There is also the added benefit of being able to communicate with someone in your own native language (see Language below).

Please consult our Sales and Service Network page to see if there is a representative in your local area who can assist you.

4. Language

We support English and Japanese only. In the event that we receive a message in a language we do not support, we will do one of two things:

1. Forward it to the appropriate agent or representative upon determining the validity of its content; or
2. Discard it, if we cannot confirm the type of language or validity of the message content.

If it is absolutely necessary to write in a language other than those indicated above, we recommend you send your message directly to a local representative who understands your language.

5. Daily Correspondence

Please do not send E-Mail messages containing daily correspondence to the "" address. Sending daily correspondence is not recommended due to the following reasons:

1. Shima Seiki's "info@" E-Mail address is reserved for general inquiries and first contact from potential customers and the general public, and is not intended for daily correspondence.
2. The amount of daily correspondence that reaches Shima Seiki is too much for the "info@ "mailbox to handle, especially when we must forward each correspondence to the appropriate person in charge.
3. Sending urgent messages is not reliable due to the fact that the "info@" mailbox may not be checked on a consistent or daily basis. Maintenance and other technical factors concerning our mail server may also cause processing delays.

For daily correspondence over E-Mail, please inquire with your personal Shima Seiki contact to find out their individual E-Mail address, or the email address of that person's department/section. Otherwise, we recommend using conventional correspondence such as fax.

For privacy and security reasons, individual E-Mail addresses are not made public on this website.

6. Viruses

Shima Seiki's E-Mail server features a virus filter which detects and automatically filters out computer viruses. This may be performed by either deleting any attachment files which contain viruses or virus-launching software, or by deleting the entire E-Mail message altogether.

Although these anti-virus measures take place on our end, an overwhelming amount of virus-infected E-Mail is still being received on a daily basis. Since this puts considerable strain on our servers, we ask that you perform routine anti-virus measures yourself before sending any E-Mail to Shima Seiki.

Please be aware that depending on the level and location of infection within your E-Mail message, our servers may delete your message altogether, in which case the intended addressee at Shima Seiki will not receive your message.

As for outgoing messages, you can be assured that we take great precaution in scanning our outgoing E-Mail for viruses. However, this does not guarantee virus-free messages. Therefore, we recommend using virus-scanning software on your own computer or network.

Shima Seiki assumes no responsibility for any damage caused as a result of E-Mail, Website or other Internet activity, virus-related or otherwise.

7. Spam
It goes without saying that junk mail is a bother. It is for us as well. But as long as we are a company that lists its E-Mail address publicly, we realize there is no avoiding it. If you are a spam sender and happen to come across this page, don't bother sending your message. We won't read it. Likewise, any other business solicitations that come our way, spam or not, will be routinely discarded, simply because there is not enough time to examine each offer more closely.

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